A word about our sponsors.

We have some rad sponsors for the Carry On podcast. I want to introduce you to them starting with my old friends Karas Kustoms.

Karas Kustoms is a small machined pen maker in Mesa, Arizona. They make all of their items in the US and for any type of pen user. They have some great products that I use daily like the EDK and Fountain K. If you'd like to receive 10% off of your purchase enter the promo code carryon at checkout. 

Carryology is the world's best source for carry reviews, interviews, and community conversations. I have been reading their blog for years and feel privileged to have their support. Go check them out and explore better ways to carry. 

And for our newsletter we have the awesome editorial support of Jeff Abbott from Draft Evolution. Jeff is part of the pen community and is making sure that I spell good. If you are working on a blog or a novel he offers an affordable rate for editing. 

So, a big thank you goes out to them and all of the listeners of the show. 

- Jeffrey