INDXD for Hobonichi

I have been a part of the stationery work for a while now. Partly as a hobbyist but mainly as co-owner of Nock Co. This year I thought I would try something new and I decided to start using a Hobonichi Techo planner. It has been the rage lately and since releasing the English version of the planner it has really taken off here in the states. 



How I use it.

There are many ways to use the Hobo and even books on how to use it. I, however, do not use it as a schedule keeper. For me it is a place to reflect and record past events of the day. I use only a Lamy Multipen in the book. I write general information in black, green for events like birthdays, blue for recipes or comments, and red when I write something about my wife. All of these are for quick reference so I can identify the narrative of my life when looking back. I am not totally aware of many aids with the hobo to keep track of things in a secordary way but for me I have found a solution. 


One of the personal things I use it for as I stated is for recipes. I do quite a bit of cooking and when I try something new and my wife likes it I write it down. I don't have a memory to keep what day it was when I made it, if I want to make it again. But, with INDXD there is a great solution. I started a book called HOBO 16 and then add topics based on the dish.

So, if I go to Hobo 16/Texas Pasta/0218 I know that I made it Feb 18th and it will be on the page of that date. This can work for more things. Perhaps something major happened like a new job or project starting, INDXD is a great way to quickly see the days that were highlights of the year.

There are thousands of posts about uses for Hobonichi so I don't want to droll on about how it looks and the paper and how FP friendly it is. The point is when you are looking back at the year and you want some details easily accessible INDXD is the best system I have found to record those things.  Go check out the site by Dave Rea and sign up today. INDXD.INK