Pain In The App - Episode 2

Today we release the second episode of the Pain In The App Podcast. This week we talk to the creator or INDXD, Dave Rea, and discuss layout. 

I have always been a tinkerer and wanting to create and learn new things. Android app development is something that I want to do because I am able to create something that I use everyday. Similarly to Nock Co. I will be making something for myself first. If it catches on or finds value for other people then that is a huge bonus. 

With Nock Co., we have found a customer base that I have become deeply involved in and enjoy being a part of the community that surrounds them. From buying a new fountain pen to testing a new prototype, being a part of the pen community offers a lot of rewarding opportunities. From friendly meetups to wonderful shows where we can meet in mass. 

With Android I know the community is larger but my hopes are that I can keep the pen community with me as I move from analog to digital.